World Cancer Day – good to know

Added on: 3.2.2017

February 4th is also known as World Cancer Day. Women are most often afflicted with breast cancer, however cervix cancer is also something to be mindful of. Did you know that you can help prevent cervix cancer by using the right sanitary pads and tampons?

It seems that women are most familiar with breast cancer. We get educated about it in health class in primary and middle school already, where they also teach us about the importance of proper and regular self-checking for lumps. While the average age when women get diagnosed with breast cancer is 64 (78 % of all cases are older than 50), cervix cancer is more often discovered in younger women. It is caused by HPV viruses, which are common for most sexually active women, however in 90 % of cases the infection dissappears by itself with no consequences. An HPV infection can turn into cancer in as long as several years, usually from 10 to 15. Of course, regular check-ups with your doctor are recommended, as well as vaccinations, but we can also fight this disease with a healthy lifestyle, practicing safe sex and by using natural sanitary pads, tampons and pantyliners.

Most women hygiene products are made from synthetic materials, which can be harmful to our skin and health. This also includes perfumes inside sanitary pads and tampons, which upset the natural vaginal flora and sometimes contain elements, that can cause allergies, or elements, that can be cancerogenic, and they can also affect our reproductive organs. We should be mindful of materials, such as poliester and rayon as well, as fibres in tampons, made from these materials can cause small cuts in the vaginal wall during inserting and taking out the tampon.

The healthiest option are natural sanitary pads and tampons, made from cotton. Because we use pads and tampons every month, it is worth considering only buying those, that are not harmful to us in any way. Cotton is a very soft, skin-friendly and naturally absorbent material, which allows the skin to breathe and thus lowers the chance for inflammations and microorganisms to grow. It is a choice that puts women’s health first and doesn’t contribute to the factors that increase the chances of cancer forming in our bodies.

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