Test your knowledge on intimate health

Added on: 7.4.2017

Vaginal discharge is something bad and unhygienic. Healthy vaginas do not smell. The size of a vagina depends on the size and height of the woman … These are just some of the claims that we will deem true or false once and for all in the following paragraphs. We encourage you to think about which of them you have already known the answer to.

1.Statement: Healthy vaginas do not smell of anything.

Generally the statement is false, however there is something to ad to it. All genitals have a certain slight natural odor, but the vagina can, in some cases, have an odor that is a bit stronger (during hormonal imbalances, during pregnancy, menstruation, after intercourse). Since there are also a lot of sweat glands in this area, which produce sweat, this is also a factor that can contribute to more intense smells. To sum up, every woman should know what her vagina smells like normally, so that she can know if something is wrong with it if the smell changes (and visits a gynecologist).

2. Statement: Vaginal infections can occur because of bad hygiene.

This statement is rather ironic, considering the fact that vaginal inflammations often occur due to excessive washing. The vagina is a ‘self-cleaning’ organ. It has a natural micro-flora, which works best in a low pH value surrounding, and helps prevent inflammations in itself. We can ruin the balance of the micro-flora, if we continuously wash our delicates with aggresive and perfumed shower soap with a pH value that is not low enough.

3. Statement: The size of a vagina depends on the size of the woman.

Even though one could say this would be logical, it is not in fact true at all. There is no correlation between a woman’s height or frame and the size of her vagina. The size and shape of a vagina vary from one women to another, so there is no one rule here. The vagina is also very stretchy and can change its shape during intercourse, childbirth and certain hormonal imbalances.

4. Statement: Regular sex can make the vagina bigger and looser.

As previously stated, vaginal muscles are very adaptable. Even though they stretch when aroused – which makes intercourse more comfortable – they always return back to their original size. Therefore, frequent sex can’t make your vagina looser.

5. Statement: Discharge is a bad and unhygienic thing.

Vaginal discharge is actually filled with »good« bacteria that keep the vagina safe from infections. At the same time it cleans and moistens it. A healthy discharge is usually white or clear and almost odorless. If you experience it more than usual or it has a different smell and it’s irritating, make sure to consult with your gynecologist.

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