Have you seen our ad? Here is the story behind it.

Added on: 7.7.2017
That Saturday was a very special day for us. We shot our first TV commercial! It was not only special to us, but also to the film crew. How so? Our director Maja told us this was the first time she filmed something, where the actors were actually playing themselves. What does this mean? Let's start at the beginning.

Lunay is natural and real – the script for our commercial had to reflect that. We came up with women playing a word association game. And they weren’t actors. They were real women and girls.

We arranged an audition to which we invited friends, mothers, daughters and pregnant women. We got a huge response. About 50 women came to the audition and wanted to be in our ad. First we had to make sure they represented and embodied Lunay’s energy and philosophy. We asked them to answer some questions to help us get to know their habits, values, perception about themselves and of others and also their attitude towards menstruation. And then we made our decision.

We chose two friends, Ines and Anja, mother and daughter Mateja and Nina, and a pregnant woman, Simona.

The women first met on the set of our commercial, where they soon got friendly with each other and had lots of fun. Female energy ruled the room, as we also had a female director and a little baby in the pregnant woman’s belly. Everything just came together 🙂

The filming went by quickly and the women did a wonderful job. That is probably because they didn’t really had to act, as they were playing themselves. They were natural, beautiful, honest and relaxed.

We filmed in a relaxed environment with lovely energy. See for yourself in this video we made while filming our commercial.

So, who are our Lunay ambassadors? Let’s have a peak into some answers they gave us on their auditions:

Ines and Anja, friends:
“In nature, with no make-up and in sweats. That is when I feel the best. It is just wonderful to listen to the silence of nature!”

“I have a constant desire to excel and learn new things.”

Mateja and Nina, mother and daughter
“I love to cook – it is so much fun. A bad habit of mine: bread and sweets :)”

“Take advantage of every minute of your life and appreciate what you have, because not all people have that, too.”

Simona, the pregnant woman
“I am really hurt when something is unjust. A lot can be sorted with communicating.”

So, what does our ad look like?

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