Our mission

Tatjana Potokar, CEO of EMMA, is responsible for Lunay brand development, right from its beginnings. So who would therefore know more about Lunay than her? In this short conversation she explains, what is the mission of Lunay feminine hygiene products.

Why did you create Lunay?

Because women’s health is our first priority. Numerous studies show that women rarely associate fungal infections and other skin irritation in the intimate area with the use of sanitary pads and tampons. These problems are often caused by sanitary pads and tampons made of synthetic materials, which do not allow the skin to breathe and are in some cases also harmful to health and the environment.

Unfortunately, many women are not familiar with materials inside their sanitary pads and tampons.

That is why we have decided to develop our brand Lunay, which will put women’s health first. We want women to know about the products they use, to be conscious, informed and have a choice.

What’s the story of Lunay?

Being a woman is wonderful. This is the key message of Lunay. Lunay was created for women with a positive attitude towards themselves, others and life in general. Lunay is satisfied and happy, confident and determined. She cares for her health and is ecologically aware. She encourages other women to feel the power within themselves. We believe that menstruation is not an obstacle, but a natural process when we, the women, are at the peak of our power. Lunay advertises that to all girls and women out there.

How do Lunay products differ from other women hygiene products?

Girls and women can choose from a large number of different products. All of them are white, promise well-being, are soft to the touch, and feel like cotton. Therefore, we falsely relate them to being natural and safe. But in most cases, they are made of plastic materials, cellulose and viscose. These materials can be harmful to health and the environment.

Therefore, Lunay offers a solution – sanitary pads and tampons, which are entirely made of 100 % natural cotton.

The skin needs to breathe and only cotton, on the surface and in the core of the product, can provide that.

How can we recognize Lunay products in stores?

You will quickly notice them, because we have designed a unique packaging that, with its colorfulness, passion and tenderness, informs you that being a woman is wonderful. The name Lunay is derived from female energy, the moon and the moon phases, with which menstruation is often linked.

That is how we have designed a well rounded story, which focuses on the care of women’s health.

Lunay thus represents much more than just products for feminine hygiene?

Lunay represents a healthy decision, because it places women’s health first. It gives them the opportunity to choose natural, healthy and safe feminine hygiene products in a market often filled with products made of plastic and synthetic materials. At the same time we also want to promote a positive attitude towards menstruation and talk about issues with hygiene products made from synthetic materials. Lunay is spreading awareness about the importance of natural materials and the advantages of products made from them. Namely, many advantages to women’s health and the environment.