Why does it matter what kind of sanitary pads and tampons I use?

Added on: 9.7.2016
The skin is our biggest and most important organ. It is also the thinnest and the most porous. We should treat it with care.

Our skin, particularly around the genitals, is extremely sensitive and porous. Harmful substances, which we consume by eating, are usually degraded by enzymes in the saliva and stomach. However, those substances that pass into our body through the skin, go directly into our bloodstream and from there they can travel throughout the body to the most sensitive organs.

The average woman uses about 17,000 sanitary pads and tampons in her lifetime. Quite an impressive number, don’t you agree? We probably never think about how many hygienic products we consume throughout the years. Even less likely we think of different things we bring into our body by using these products.

Synthetic materials do not allow your skin to breathe and can cause irritating skin rashes.

Many hygiene products are made from synthetic materials that are unfriendly to the skin and harmful to your health. Some sanitary pads are padded with plastic. Plastic is not porous and does not allow the skin to breathe. Because of that, the skin around the genitals can starts sweating too much, thereby creating an ideal environment for the formation of bacteria and later bacterial infections.

You’ve all probably heard about the term “superabsorbents”, right? They are synthetic materials, polymers, whose primary role is to actively and effectively absorb liquid or, in this case menstrual blood. But the problem is, that normally these substances are so “super” absorbent that, in addition to the menstrual blood, they absorb a lot of moisture from the vagina. The consequence? Friction, that occurs when sanitary pads rub against the overly dry skin and irritate it while we move around. The other extreme is a dried out vagina and uncomfortable inflammation, a problem, faced by a considerable number of women nowadays.

What about fragrances? We should say a word or two about them too. Surely, some of us have already used scented sanitary pads. But these fragrances are also artificial and harmful substances, that can destroy the natural vaginal flora and cause various infections and irritation.

100 % natural cotton is the best and most skin-friendly choice when deciding to buy hygiene products.

So, how sould one buy hygiene products? Choosing sanitary pads and tampons, that are made from 100 % natural cotton and do not contain any artificial and harmful substances, is always the best choice. Natural is always the best. Cotton is, in comparison with other materials that are found in regular sanitary pads, natural, gentle, allows the skin to breathe and is, on top of all that, remarkably absorbent. Therefore, it is worth to choose hygiene products that are least harmful to us and can somewhat reduce the potential for developing unpleasant annoying rashes and vaginal infections.

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