Everything you need to know about tampons

Added on: 3.7.2016
Did you know, that tampons, as we know them today, were invented and patented by doctors?

Did you know, that tampons, as we know them today, were invented and patented by doctors?

Tampons were used by women as early as ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. The first two tampons were patented by doctor Earl C. Haas in 1931 in the USA (applicator tampon) and doctor Judith Esser in 1950 in Germany (digital tampon).

When using tampons, make sure they’re absorbent enough for your needs. Mini tampons are suitable for weaker menstruation, normal for moderate and super for stronger menstruation. During the first few days of menstruation, when it is the strongest, we recommend that you change the tampon every three to four hours. During the night and the last few days of menstruating we recommend that you change it every four to eight hours.


Check out our video about proper tampon use

When using tampons, make sure you read the attached instructions and follow them carefully.


Toxic shock syndrome (TSS)

TSS is a rare but serious disease. Infection with the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus occurs in connection with menstruation and the use of tampons as well as in menopausal women, and sometimes men and children. TSS is a kind of blood poisoning that occurs in a short period of time and is very dangerous.

Using tampons during menstruation can lead to uncontrolled reproduction of this bacteria in the vaginal mucosa and can therefore lead to infection.

The first signs of TSS are a high fever (over 38,9 °C), vomiting, diarrhea, stomach ache and rashes. One can also experience a drop in blood pressure, vertigo, confusion, shortness of breath, nausea, fatigue, thirst, rapid breathing, clammy skin, reduced urination, weak and rapid pulse and finally shock.

If you experience any of the above symptoms while using tampons, remove the tampon immediately, replace it with a sanitary napkin and seek medical attention.



The size of Lunay tampons – ULTRA BARRIER FIT – is based on their absorbency and not on the size of the vagina. The shape of the tampon suits the anatomical shape of the vagina and therefore ensures maximum absorbency and safety.

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