We asked 100 women

Added on: 8.6.2017

Why do women choose to trust and buy a certain brand of sanitary pads and tampons? What are our shopping habits? Do we buy products as we go or do we buy in bulk? Are our purchases planned and though out or are they impulsive and a habit? At www.Lunay.si we offer women a chance to order free samples of any Lunay product of their choice. We asked 100 of them, who ordered samples of our natural sanitary pads and tampons Lunay, if they could share with us some thoughts about them and about their shopping habits when it comes to hygiene products.

When asked, why they chose to try out Lunay products, most of them emphasized that because they were natural:

»Because they are made of cotton.«

»The main reason was because they are made of 100 % cotton, and because I also realize how important it is to use natural products when it comes to intimate hygiene.«

»Because of how soft and skin friendly they are, being made of cotton.«

Out of the 100 interviewed women 47 % of them decided to try out Lunay sanitary pads for day use, 24 % of them ordered sanitary pads for night use, 21 % chose mini, normal or super tampons, 6 % went for pantyliners and 2 % tried out extra soft Lunay Retro sanitary pads. After just this one experience 40 % of these women started using and buying Lunay products regularly. What convinced them?

»Mostly the fact that the products are natural and that they don’t hurt my skin, which is very dry. Also, my skin doesn’t itch when I use them and I don’t get any rashes, that I usually got when using other brands of sanitary pads.«

»The fact that I do something good for myself.«

»I was convinced by the fact, that Lunay products are natural, without perfumes and chemicals and above all, that they really are how they’re portrayed in the media and advertisements – absorbent, healthy and soft.«

Our survey also showed that most women buy their intimate hygiene products in bulk (83 % of women asked), however they are still open to trying out new products on the market. One of the reasons for this could be that more than 50 % of the interviewed women had problems in the past with vaginal inflammations, redness, rashes and irritations when using certain synthetic products. When using Lunay as many as 97 % of them had no problems whatsoever.

With all of the above mentioned things considered, 93 % of women said they would recommend Lunay products to their friends and 90 % of them would buy them for their daughter as well. We sincerely thank all of our satisfied customers! 🙂

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