Have you seen our ad? Here is the story behind it.

Added on: 7.7.2017
Lunay is natural and real – the script for our commercial had to reflect that. We came up with women playing a word association game. And they weren’t actors. They were real women and girls. We arranged an audition to which we invited friends, mothers, daughters and pregnant women. We got a huge response. About […]

We asked 100 women

Added on: 8.6.2017
Why do women choose to trust and buy a certain brand of sanitary pads and tampons? What are our shopping habits? Do we buy products as we go or do we buy in bulk? Are our purchases planned and though out or are they impulsive and a habit? At www.Lunay.si we offer women a chance […]

Tampons around the world

Added on: 19.5.2017
Germany, Austria and the USA – these are the world’s biggest tampon users. A 2014 Euromonitor study that analized tampon use in 81 countries found out that German women (ages 12 to 54) buy and use the most tampons in the world – an average of 92 a year. Austrians take second place with 91 […]

Choose cotton hygiene products and save our planet 12 steps

Added on: 22.4.2017
Natural is usually not only best for our health, but also for our planet. With April 22nd being international Earth day, we thought it would be good to point out the differences between the production of natural and synthetic women hygiene products. First we will focus on the production process itself – the steps from […]

Test your knowledge on intimate health

Added on: 7.4.2017
Vaginal discharge is something bad and unhygienic. Healthy vaginas do not smell. The size of a vagina depends on the size and height of the woman … These are just some of the claims that we will deem true or false once and for all in the following paragraphs. We encourage you to think about […]