About us

EMMA is a family run business with over 45 years of experience. We create and manufacture innovative and high-quality products that better people’s lives and the society. We are committed to constant progress and to preserving our environment.


Quality and integrity

We strive for excellence with everything we do. Quality and integrity are incorporated into our every step – from developing our own brands, producing them, promoting and selling them, to the way we treat our employees, business partners and consumers.

Entrepreneurship and innovativeness

We are constantly looking for new ideas and solutions, that would better people’s lives. We develop modern and effective business models, that help us bring our products to as many people as possible.

Teamwork and trust

With mutual trust we have formed a highly effective team of employees, who work together, share their success and tackle challenges. Teamwork and trust are two values, that are very present also in our work with everyone we do business with.

Valour and passion

We believe our mission is to contribute to our society. We do our job with vigour, dedication, valour and passion.