Being a woman is wonderful

Lunay was created for women with a positive attitude towards themselves, others and life in general. Lunay is content, happy, confident, educated and determined. She takes good care of her health and is respectful to the environment. She is devoted to an active lifestyle and encourages women to feel and embrace the power inside them.
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A care for health unites all generations

Lunay puts women’s health first. It gives us an option to choose natural hygiene products among those made from artificial materials. Lunay spreads awareness about the importance of choosing natural materials, and teaches us that using them contributes to women’s health and also to the environment.

Tatjana Potokar – CEO

User comments

I have discovered your products just recently and I will definitely be using them from now on. You have created the best women hygiene products on the market – they are made from natural materials and therefore prevent everything unpleasant that can happen to us during ‘those days’. To all the women that need and want something more, I recommend you to use Lunay products 🙂


Ariana Abdić Kralj-Lunay

I have already tried out two of your products and I was very pleased with both of them. I also recommended them to my friends. I am sure they will be happy with them as well.


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